I. The order shall:
- For individuals and organizations:
+ Sign the declaration;
+ Submit registration form to the customs procedures for goods exported from border (20-PDK/2009 form issued together with Decision No. 1127/QD-TCHQ dated 03/6/2009 of the General Director Department of Customs);
+ Transfer registration cards, the hand-over with the customs declaration to the customs sub-department transfer gate Customs Sub-export or bonded warehouse management (hereinafter referred to as the Customs export / repository) to make procedures followed.
- For state administrative agencies:
The work of Customs Sub-Departments outside border-gate
+ Making the sampling instrument (Form No. 02-PLM/2009 issued Decision No. 1127/QD-TCHQ on 03/6/2009 by the General Director of General Department of Customs);
+ Communications and owners 01 votes with 01 sample applications written recommendation by the Customs Department to move the sampling gate to border-gate customs sub-department;
+ Handling of problems and violations relating to imported goods by customs sub-department of import back door (if available).
If you have to check the actual goods to add:
+ To receive shipment profile, check the seals customs inspection and clearance of goods as prescribed;
+ Notice in writing to the Customs Department said gate entry test results according to the information provided by Customs Department noted gate entry (if any);
+ Sign for certification and save record of delivery; up dashboard and record of delivery and fax for Customs Department in accordance with entry gate.
The work of the Customs Department entry gate:
+ To receive consignments imported records;
+ Check the actual goods as decided by the Customs Sub-Departments outside border-gate indicated on the customs declaration, on the order form, check the level and handle the actual test results following manner:
• Record inspection results on the order form, check level and 02 customs declarations;
+ Sign, seal in square 38 "confirmation of customs procedures" (import declaration bonded);
+ Seal "customs procedures" to 02 declarations of import goods and pay 01 declaration (the declarer copy) to the customs declaration;
+ Clearance for shipment as required. On the monitor screen or enter the import goods transferred from border gate customs sub-department paid out a record gate customs to enter information into the system, complex and stored according to regulations.

In case the test results with the actual goods with false declarations of the customs declaration to a consignment is not imported, then:
• Record inspection results on the order form, check level and 02 customs declarations;
+ Making violation record: 02 in (01 sent to customs sub-department outside-of-01 for declarer), copy and save the 01 original words "the Customs store";
+ Ra custody decisions for the number of violations until a decision on handling the Customs Department outside-release of goods as declared;
Sealing records + shipment (including violation records and custody decisions) sent by certified mail to the Customs Department to handle the outside gate in accordance with the offending goods.

II. Implementation method: Apply the Customs Department in the registration statement.
- The composition, the number of records:
- A dossier:
+ The customs declaration;
+ Trading contracts, outsourcing;
+ Application for transfer gate;
+ Sampling card ...
- Number of files:

III. Time: Within 08 hours after receiving the complete dossier
- Subjects of administrative procedures: Organizations and individuals
- The implementation of administrative procedures: Customs Sub-Departments outside border-gate customs sub-department
- Results of the implementation of administrative procedures: Confirm clearance.
- The fee (if any):
- The name of the form, declaration form:
+ Declaration of export goods;
+ Application for transfer gate.

- The legal basis of administrative procedures:
+ Customs Law No. 29/2001/QH10 dated 29/6/2001 and the Law amending and supplementing some articles of Customs Law No. 42/2005/QH11 June 14, 2005;
+ Decree No. 154/2005/ND-CP dated 15/12/2005 of the Prime Minister detailing some articles of Customs Law regarding customs procedures, inspection and supervision;
+ 79/2009/TT-BTC Circular dated 20/04/2009 of the Ministry of Finance guiding customs procedures, inspecting and supervising customs export tax, import duties and taxes for management exports and imports.